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Tima Factory is a cloud based, web native application compatible with Android, IOS and Windows devices.

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Fast, comprehensive productivity improvement.

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Paperless Factory


Production Management System

Fast & mobile

Tima Factory has been developed with the latest technology resulting in a fast, reliable mobile experience.


Tima Factory is easy to setup and maintain using a web interface. Typical installations require no onsite coding.

Low-cost setup
& monthly fee

A monthly subscription model and minimal onsite hardware keeps installation and ongoing costs low.


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Tima Factory
engages and motivates.

Nothing engages employees more than being part of a motivated team and seeing the impact of their effort on production outcomes.

Tima Factory provides an accurate view of production performance and allows all employees to see the impact of both their effort and the effort of others. Employees are able to raise and track issues, get answers to questions, contribute and track resolution of issues.

Tima Factory supports a broad team effort to productivity improvement that spans teams, shifts and levels of leadership.


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Tima Factory’s ‘Paperless Factory’
re-defines  process improvement.

Effective process improvement requires fast and open access to all relevant information, the involvement of appropriate employees and context based communication.

Tima Factory’s ‘Paperless Factory’ cloud platform provides real-time communication and tracking of tasks, issues, suggestions and projects are based  around products, WOs, lines, machines or general topics as required for  Engineering, Production, QA, NPD/Technical and Operation teams on their  devices.  Key features include:

  • Custom worklflow scheduling and management
  • Attach SOP’s, manuals, instructions, photos and videos
  • Record KPI’s; Near Misses, LTI’s, AUDITS – NCR’s, FM’s, Test Results, Breakdowns, Production data etc
  • Maintenance register
  • Multi location
  • Real time data, history tracking, dashboard and reporting.

This approach reduces unnecessary communication and interruptions while ensuring that
key information or input is not missed.


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Tima Factory’s Paperless Factory
facilitates  teamwork and leadership.

Today’s manufacturing environments are busy with limited resources. The demands placed on organisations by customers, legislation and competition are increasing.

Consequently managers have a workload that spans many areas and involves staff from different departments organised in multiple teams. Managers can find themselves juggling competing priorities from projects of different sizes, time frames and degrees of complexity.

This ability to manage and track on their devices large numbers of small tasks for Engineering, Production, QA, NPD / Technical and Operation teams are crucial to the peak performance and operation of a busy manufacturing environment. Teams such as QA and Engineering can set up and track their own ‘internal audits’ to engage factory employees in the ongoing effort to improve plant performance and compliance.

DATA - Tima Factory's cloud Production Management System - In Development.

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Tima Factory’s cloud Production Management System gathers  productivity data, 24/7.

We are redeveloping our existing Production Management System – esCollate ( to a cloud based, web native application compatible with Android, IOS and Windows devices. Tima Factory’s Production Management System collects data from OPC UA devices, such as PLC’s, in real-time and sends it to the cloud, then we make it  available. The analysis includes comprehensive statistics such as OEE metrics, MTBF, MTTR, longest run and ramp up performance.

In addition to the in-app analysis, the data is able to be exported for analysis in other tools such as spreadsheets.

Tima Factory also supports the collection of manually entered data such as absenteeism, suggestions and general observations. This information can be associated with a line, product, shift or work area for later analysis. The collection of the full range of data associated with production allows for automated shift reports and hand over summaries.

Other key features include; A two way production schedule that holds up to 3 weeks schedules in advance and keeps the factory and planning teams working  together. Access to key docs such as SOP’s, safety notices and other key docs in  the factory and a messaging function between operators, engineering, production planner or production manager etc.


The benefits of using Tima Factory’s Paperless Factory and Production  Management System are many, and include;

  • lowering operational costs,
  • adjusting to customer demand,
  • boosting productivity,
  • reducing downtime,
  • obtaining better visibility,  and
  • getting more value from the operation in general.


At Tima, factory performance, productivity, employee engagement and great IT  has been our game for over 25 years.

Our vision is to continue to provide value to manufacturers through behaviour  change development of their people, Operational Performance and Management  consulting and by building great IT products that provide rich, real-time data for  manufacturers to achieve a ‘Paperless Factory’ and ‘Smart Factory’.

In time this will include Machine Learning, AI and Deep Learning  Manufacturing to assist manufacturers to make real time decisions on such  topics of; Smart Maintenance (Predictive Analysis, Prescriptive Analytics,  Diagnostic Analytics and Descriptive Analytics), Smart Production, and Improved Quality to achieve the goal of a ‘Smart Factory’.

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